This photo is from a couple of weeks ago when we were still in the rental but it shows how we all feel these days – exhausted! It’s been a heroic few weeks as we unpacked boxes and slapped things into shape. Izumi did most of the work while the rest of us got distracted by long lost photos and toys that had been packed away for the past two months.

We’ve ripped up the ratty, cat-smelling carpet in the “plus” room downstairs, smoothed and leveled out the concrete slab and put down a new wood floor. It totally brightens up the room and makes it a much nicer space for the kids to play in.

We took Tyler over for his first day at his new school. We thought we were looking all smart in our newly unpacked clothes for our meeting with his new teacher but didn’t notice it until we got out of the car – all four of us reeked of mothballs. Ms. Fong-Wedgewood politely didn’t mention it but she must have wondered if we were boxed up along with all our stuff as well.

Tyler’s school is in the same district so the curriculum matched perfectly and he was able to pick up without losing a beat. He loves his new teacher and already has made a few friends. It’s great to see that he can fit in so easily, if there’s one thing at which he is a natural, it’s making new friends.