Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph


This photo will only mean something to a select few people in world. I am honored to carry on the tradition.






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  1. mie Avatar

    Wow! I haven’t seen those two since waaaaay back when. But they bring back fuzzy warm memories immediately. I remember being so excited each Christmas to get to play house with them since I only saw them once a year. I’d gather all sorts of other ornaments and create a fantasy land. Oh, the memories…of lying on the floor in my pajamans, the heater going while it snowed outside (we were in CT), surrounded by my ornaments, and the stack of presents I couldn’t wait to open.

  2. Kokochi Avatar


    I love checking my brother’s blog to catch up and read what’s he thinking or doing. I sit next to him at work everyday, but that’s work. We remain, for the most part, professional together. ; ) This most recent…

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