Tyler’s Pre-K class gave an end of the year performance today. They’ve been practicing the words to their songs for the past few weeks. We caught on to the “suprise” when we heard Tyler singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame and knew we never taught him such a song. I’ve got the whole thing on video if anyone wants to sit through 15 minutes of 5 year-olds warbling off key to Yankee Doodle and Little Rabbit Foo Foo but I think it’s something only a proud parent can love.

On a flyer the teachers gave out was a particularly funny list of responses to questions.

“What’s special about your Mom?”
Tyler…She always gives me more stuff than my sister.

“What’s special about your Dad?”
Tyler…He always hugs me






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  1. mie Avatar

    That is so cute! Save the flyer. I remember mom giving me a card I wrote when I was a kid. It had pretyped, “I love mommy because…” and I had written, “she washes my hands.” How random but it must have made me feel loved!

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