Sad is a rainbow

We traded in Flash our 4-year old Honda Odyssey, for a new Mazda MPV which is smaller and easier to drive around and park in our new, more urban neighborhood. Tyler was heartbroken to say goodbye to the Honda which has been our faithful chariot on drives from NJ to Tennessee, Boston and back. It was a great van, comfortable for the long haul but just too wide to zip around the streets of San Francisco and Oakland.

This morning we doused the wheels of the Mazda with a bit of sake from a bottle we bought to sprinkle on the four corners of our house when we move in (Tuesday!) and celebrated with a drive over to Berkeley.

Tyler later made a comment that “Sad is a rainbow” in which he was describing the shape of a sad face. I took a deeper meaning away from it, there are many shades of sadness and there’s always a brighter side of looking at every sad occasion.






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