Buzz Marketing with Blogs

I haven’t had a chance to skim this yet but it should be of interest to anyone thinking of adding blogs to their marketing campaign. I hope there’s a section that says there is no quick any easy way to launch a popular blog – it really comes down to having a site that is well-written, truthful to your motives, and speaks to the reader in a way that keeps ’em coming back.

Written by Susannah Gardner of Hop Studios self-described website designers ("Web sites. We make those."), you can order the book from Amazon here.

Update: Ah but of course there’s a blog associated with the book, due out in March.






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  1. Susannah Gardner Avatar

    hi ian,

    thanks for the mention. i talk at length about the need for great writing that isn’t marketing speak and is for the reader rather than for the business. i’ll be interested to hear what you think about the book when i comes out in march!


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