Middlesex Class of 1985

Vicky Peet passed on a note from Devin Hill (’85) and suggested that I post it online to coordinate what looks to be a "gathering storm" in Boston in mid-May. Those wanting to party with the Class of 85, read on and leave your comments down below for others. As Devin says, pass it on, as Carly says in another email, "poor Boston"

Subject: Middlesex Pyramid Party

Hey y’all,

Hopefully all of you have received a few "official" correspondences from Middlesex regarding the class of 85’s 20th reunion May 13th & 14th. Carla and I were talking and
she came up with the great idea to get a chain email going to get everyone involved
in the party loop and hopefully bring in all the friends you may not have
talked to in a while. As you may have heard we were planning to open our class
party on Friday to all Mx friends of ours, so please add anyone and everyone to
this group email distribution.

So far the tentative party plan for Friday 5/13 was to go to diner in Boston followed by a party at a bar. This is a flexible plan so please feel free to add any suggestions. I attached a link
to the restaurant and bar so you can check it out, they are next door to each other.
Being in Boston, I am happy to help with any logistical questions. I look forward to plenty of
banter and don’t forget to reply to all.


Peace, Devin Hill






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