How much for that shack in the paper?

A popular topic in the Bay Area is real estate. With home prices reaching obcene levels, all the talk in the carpool is about which homes are on the market, what we think they’re worth, and, suprise, at what price they eventually close. This speculative topic has  spilled over into the office as some of my work mates are thinking about a place to live. Overhearing two folks talking about home prices, I passed on the real estate section of my local paper which I was reading on the ride in. There is a laughable listing which not only raises the eyebrow but also got me checking the date just to be sure it wasn’t an April Fool’s gag. Byrne scanned it in and blogged about it.

The kicker is that this was a headline listing. Paid advertisement with a 1/4 page photo on the front page of the real estate section. They obviously thought this was a premier listing, and one to bank the reputation of the real estate companies name upon!






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