Month: March 2005

  • Ketchum on Blogs

    Nicholas Scibetta and Adam Brown at Ketchum discuss how the art of Public Relations can benefit from blogs in this interview style post on the Ketchum website. Their observations show that they understand the power of blogs to initiate a dialog and their insight into the future points to a rich set of opportunities for […]

  • Fluid Market for Ringtones

    In the March 7th New Yorker, Sasha Frere-Jones writes about the cell phone ringtone industry which, in 2004, generated $4 billion dollars in worldwide sales (only $300 million from the US). In Korea, the ringtone market outsells the CD single market. There is a newer, higher quality version of the ringtone that is just gaining […]

  • Little League

    Little League

    Tyler debuted on his little league T-ball team this past weekend. In Japan they have something called a koen debut which is the first time a mother takes their child to the park. It’s a stressful occasion because this is the time when mother and child learn if they are to be accepted into the […]

  • Collective Loan Network

    The internet is a wonderful catalyst for busting apart black boxes that mediate experience, knowledge, or commerce. My co-worker Sippey, points to Zopa, a UK exchange network which hooks up lenders to borrowers and, because there’s no middleman, takes only 1% as a fee. Their approach is fresh and they’ve got a few ideas on […]

  • My Grandfather Died Last Night

    My Japanese grandfather passed away last night. Oji-chan was of the generation that lived through the war and helped rebuild Japan. No matter how tough things got, this generation always managed to dig a little deeper and work a little harder. Employed by a concrete factory as an onsite mechanic, he was great with his […]

  • Microsoft to Acquire Groove Networks, Ray Ozzie Will Join Microsoft as New CTO

    Wow. This news took me totally by surprise. Groove is peer-to-peer collaboration software developed by the creator of Lotus Notes. What does this mean for the future of Microsoft Sharepoint? “Peer-to-peer collaboration solutions through Groove’s Virtual Office, which let any Windows-based PC user instantly create. ad-hoc, virtual work spaces that securely and easily span organizational, […]

  • Yahoo API plugin for Movable Type

    It was only a matter of time. Ken McCloskey over at Pixelabra has developed a plug-in to allow you to search Yahoo! using their new API from within Movable Type.

  • Reading vs. Scanning, Browsing vs. Searching

    A common objection to blogs is that because the medium is so easy to update and the cost so low, too much unedited drivel makes it online to make the material useful as a source of business information. I have to say I don’t mind people speaking their mind in an unedited stream. I describe […]

  • Dining with Yahoo

    The folks at SFist write about their dinner with Yahoo where they get an insight into some of the economic shifts that are a result of the changes in the media landscape. Greg pointed out that in the past, papers could depend on classified ads accounting for up to 35% of their revenue. Now they’re […]

  • Nando Rebranded

    A sign of the times perhaps. Nando Times, one of the first online media organizations is being re-branded by it’s parent as McClatchy interactive. Nando, launched in 1994, was shorthand for The News & Observer and was, in the early days, the first place to go for quality news online.