Pay-Per-View Blogging

I’m a micropatron.

I was going to post (or should I say pile on) the commentary surrounding Jason Kottke’s three week fund raising drive to support his devoting full time to his blog. As usual, several links later and I’m staring at a service selling a perfect-bound copy of all of John Battelle’s posts for 2004. I blessed Jason with PayPal dust and had to resist doing the same with John’s book, (I didn’t because he’s in the process of boiling down all the great stuff on his site into a book).

For the same reason I bought a copy of’s book back in the 90’s, I will continue to show my support for good writing on the web and when I can do it with a direct contribution (with a few basis points shaved off the top by PayPal) it makes me feel that much better.






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