Happy Anniversary

zoom_1.jpgToday is our 7th wedding anniversary. The way it’s been lately with our two kids and work, we’re lucky to catch a dinner at Applebee’s and call it a night out. Here are some old photos from simpler time before all that, when we were able to get all our friends and family into a room for a day of unfettered celebration.

She looks just as dazzling today as she does in this photo but she stopped wearing the veil years ago.






One response to “Happy Anniversary”

  1. MASAKO TAKEI Avatar

    Very happy 7th wedding anniversary to you both,
    and our best wishes for a happy and more heatlthy life together in long life together in the years to come, looking forward to seeing you
    all sometime soon!!!!!

    Lots of love from all of us, Izume’s Mam and PAPA
    and brother Stehen!!!!
    Congratulation Again!!!!!^0^0^0^0^0^0^

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