Tyler keeps ’em busy

Today I received word of Tyler’s doings in Japan. My parents took the kids for the afternoon and reported back that he’s keeping everyone on their toes. Here’s the email I received from my father.

Dear Igor (my father’s endearing handle for me)

First we went fishing in a shallow pond. Bamboo poles, dried octopus tied at the end of a string, no hooks. Actually, lots of action. Then we strolled through the park, Tyler leading the way. He found a badly designed water fountain which when he turned it on shot water straight up 15 feet. Lots of fun, even though everyone got soaking.

Then we all went to Asahi-yu for a bath. Tyler loved the hot but failed to appreciate the cold. He was full of questions: How deep is it? Why does the water smell of tea? Why do they have a bath outside? Will you wash my hair? What is the hot room for? I pointed out to him that he was the only one talking in the bath and gave him a towel, which I had to remind him three times to keep with him but not take into the bath. He’ll get the hang of it.

After we got out of the bath and got dressed, he went exploring. He decided to take a look at what was going on in the woman’s side. Tyler, the great explorer. He’s unstoppable!







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