Zuppa (564 4th St, San Francisco, 415.777.5900), an Italian restaurant around the corner from the Six Apart office, opened its doors today. Ginevra has been following their progress closely as they transformed the grey, bunker-like structure into an airy SOMA enoteca. After chatting up the head chef (which she confessed that she had thought was the general contractor), she scored invites for the Six Aparters to come to their opening to sample their food. We were the first in the door and were encouraged to try all their dishes so we could give the kitchen a dry run.

Wine was poured liberally and we availed ourselves of their menu which ran from smoked hams and salami to olives and mozerella. Everyone enjoyed the mussels in wild garlic, Jason’s wild beans & homemade pasta looked wonderful and I enjoyed a hearty meal of roast pork and beets.

But the nicest thing about the evening was the time to chat away from the office with all my work mates. It was great to catch up on what everyone is up to and sit around a big long table like one big happy family. We really don’t do that enough and as the office gets bigger, it gets harder and harder to organize such gatherings. Thank you Ginevra for organizing and thank you Zuppa for hosting us and stuffing our bellies with such delicious food!

Thanks to sis for the picture above. More photos of the evening over at Kokochi.