Month: July 2005

  • Big Media turns focus on Corporate Blogs

    Like a Tour de France peleton chasing down a breakaway, the mainstream media has turned its eye to corporate blogging with a spate of new articles. They all mention the obligatory posterchild of corporate blogs done right, General Motor’s FastLane Blog. But they also dig deeper and surface some of the other excellent blogs out […]

  • iPod Flea

    What if Apple took miniaturization to next level?

  • Voce Hosts Event on Corporate Blogging

    Voce Communications who advised Yahoo on their popular Search Blog is hosting an event in Palo Alto with local law firm Cooley Godward next week. The topic will be about corporate blogging but also the legal challenges. "transparency must be balanced with purpose and responsibility" says the invite post. Space is limited so  contact them […]

  • Engrish on Flickr

    Engrish on Flickr

    Why didn’t I think of it earlier? An Engrish photostream on Flickr.

  • Fat Man Walking

    Read about this one in the paper. Steve Vaught woke up one morning tired of not being able to lose weight and concerned about how long he’d live (he was 400 lbs.). He threw everything up in the air and decided to walk from San Diego to New York. Totally bold move (he has two […]

  • Shameless Plug

    The recent upgrade of TypePad has brought a whole host of new features that are worth highlighting. If you’ve been on the fence about getting into blogging, now is the time and TypePad’s the product! – Doubled Bandwidth and Storage– Snazzy new themes– Moderated comments– TypeKey integration Click on the button on the left to […]

  • Corporate Blogs, a new paradigm for product design

    Backbone Media, an internet marketing and web development firm based outside of Boston, has published a meaty survey of corporate bloggers to try and get a sense of the motivations and best practices behind corporate blogs. Their survey, Corporate Blogging: Is it Worth they Hype? is the best piece out there today. Along with the […]

  • Chirac mocks British cuisine, UK fights back by stealing Olympics

    Nothing like a good international rivalry to brighten up your morning paper and the French politicians can always be counted on for a good zinger every now and then. Chirac’s latest off the cuff remark overheard by a reporter at the French paper Liberation was well-timed right before the G-8 summit being held in Scotland. […]

  • Google’s Master Plan Revealed

    Google’s Masterplan discovered on a “Do Not Erase” whiteboard, photographed and annotated for posterity in this Flickr posting.

  • Tintin and old friends

    Tintin and old friends

    Yesterday I had a nice suprise. Mark Prendergast, a childhood friend from when I was in 3rd grade, sent me a note filling in some details which I had left off my biography. Mark used to come over to my house and we would read my Tintin comic books and listen to The Goon Show […]

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