Fat Man Walking

Read about this one in the paper. Steve Vaught woke up one morning tired of not being able to lose weight and concerned about how long he’d live (he was 400 lbs.). He threw everything up in the air and decided to walk from San Diego to New York. Totally bold move (he has two kids and a wife). It might have been better if he trained a bit because his progress is not as rapid as he planned. Instead of being safely North for the hot Summer months, he’s still in Arizona! Read the journal updated by his wife to follow his progress.

We, as a society, are growing larger and have become a big market for high dollar fast fixes. We are not getting the fix because it is an illusion. Don’t get me wrong, if I were given the option I would trade just about anything to be trim and fit again I have the  same excuses, desires and dreams as many others in my position. I know though, that there is no other option but physical exertion to truly get back into shape.

A Fat Man Walking






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