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  • Sports Rivalry

    Sports Rivalry

    How do you squeeze that extra bit of effort when you’re already at the highest levels of a sport? Top athletes have a competitive streak that they can tap on demand to push them beyond. Having the ability to summon that competitive drive and harness it to drive you to further heights is the secret…

  • Wonder Goal

    Rising star Kaoru Mitoma scored an amazing goal in the final minutes of Brighton’s match against Liverpool to knock them out of the FA Cup. What was amazing about his goal is that Mitoma had the presence of mind in those final minutes to bobble the perfectly placed cross just enough to throw off the…

  • Playing the game

    Ko Yamaguchi is causing such a sensation in the Japanese High School Baseball tournament that even the Major League Baseball blog has a post about him. This savant from Japan is taking switch-hitting to a new extreme. He switches which side he hits after EACH pitch. Literally every pitch! Though perhaps we should put “hits”…

  • On Losing

    On Losing

    So the Warriors won … again.

  • The longest marathon

    The longest marathon

    The curious case of Shizo Kanakuri’s epic run

  • Simone Biles

    The courage to “put mental health first”

  • Damian Lillard sinks OKC like it’s no big deal

    “the most irrational and hysterically rude shots you will ever see” – Deadline Also see: It’s in the Details: Hidden Highlights From Damian Lillard’s Buzzer-Beater

  • March Madness is our Koshien

    March Madness is our Koshien

    NCAA March Madness is like Japan’s High School baseball tournament. Both serve as national catharsis bringing people together around a celebration of youth and the future.

  • Putting it on the line

    Putting it on the line

    Kaepernick & Booker – putting it on the line.