How do you squeeze that extra bit of effort when you’re already at the highest levels of a sport? Top athletes have a competitive streak that they can tap on demand to push them beyond. Having the ability to summon that competitive drive and harness it to drive you to further heights is the secret to a sustainable athletic career. A top athlete must respect the power of competition and that begins with respect for your opponent who is the source

We saw this respect the other night as Jimmy Butler and Grant Williams locked horns in the final minutes of Game Two in the playoffs at Boston.

Listen to Jimmy Butler’s response to a reporter asking about the incident and the respect he has not only for the power of competition to drive him further but also the respect he holds for his rivals that he pushes against to get him there.

And here’s Grant Williams on the other side,

I have such admiration for those that have the confidence to transform adversary into motivation. It’s not about right or wrong, good or evil, it’s about driving each other to be better. We could all learn for this.

I am really looking forward the next chapter tonight at 8:30 in Miami. #goceltics!