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  • Sports Rivalry

    Sports Rivalry

    How do you squeeze that extra bit of effort when you’re already at the highest levels of a sport? Top athletes have a competitive streak that they can tap on demand to push them beyond. Having the ability to summon that competitive drive and harness it to drive you to further heights is the secret […]

  • When the New Jersey Nets came to Tokyo

    When the New Jersey Nets came to Tokyo

    Going through some old boxes during the holidays I came across this old press pass which has a funny story behind it which I’ll share for posterity. In 1996, the then New Jersey Nets came to Tokyo to play against the Orlando Magic. The NBA was reaching to Japan to expand awareness of the sport […]

  • On Losing

    On Losing

    So the Warriors won … again.

  • Damian Lillard sinks OKC like it’s no big deal

    “the most irrational and hysterically rude shots you will ever see” – Deadline Also see: It’s in the Details: Hidden Highlights From Damian Lillard’s Buzzer-Beater

  • March Madness is our Koshien

    March Madness is our Koshien

    NCAA March Madness is like Japan’s High School baseball tournament. Both serve as national catharsis bringing people together around a celebration of youth and the future.

  • Paris Review on Steph Curry

    Paris Review on Steph Curry

    We all saw Steph Curry’s game-winning basket to win against Oklahoma in overtime…in the last second…while running down the court…shooting from a few feet inside half-court…and swishing a three pointer…to tie the NBA record for most three-pointers in a single game. So this morning we launched a Basketball channel on SmartNews. The stories that make […]