Month: August 2005

  • RSS feeds for Salesforce

    You gotta love it. Ex-Newsgator developer, Charlie Wood has attached RSS feeds to If you have a subscription, you can now subscribe to a feed of your Open Opportunities or Open Escalations. This has been out since July and is now in 2.0 – I’m only now caught wind of it. On their […]

  • Serendipitous Audio Streaming Services

    Now joining is a new service, Pandora, which supplements revenue from affiliations with Amazon and Apple with a very reasonable subscription fee ($36/year, $12/quarter). The interface works better for me but that’s mostly because they’ve simplified the number options they make available. Unlike, you cannot tag your music collection nor does it monitor […]

  • Round Up of Round Ups

    It’s that time again. Both Kottke and MacManus post lengthy on the inevitable coming together of web services into a unified Web OS. The state of web 2.0. GoogleOS? YahooOS? MozillaOS? WebOS? – Jason KottkeWeb as Platform Mash-Ups – Richard MacManus

  • Infoworld on Blogs as lightweight content management

    InfoWorld surveys the corporate blogging landscape and sees them as a right-sized solution to basic content management. If you’re publishing a website, you’re managing content. Yet, if you go shopping around for a traditional content management solution, the enterprise software vendors will give you a six figure estimate with a healthy “services” chunk thrown in. […]

  • Movable Type 3.2

    The pop of a champagne cork at Noon today signaled that Movable Type 3.2 has been pushed out for general release. Jay, Brad, Ezra, Anil, Walt, and too many countless others to list all pulled together and have launched a product for which they should be really, really proud. I’m always amazed at the depth […]

  • Six Apart Mascot

    OK, I can no longer resist. My colleagues from my previous employer would appreciate this because I always was going on about how we needed a mascot to liven up our image. Say hello to Toph & TophToph the official TypePad mascot.

  • The lowdown on RSS Feeds

    Feeds, feeds, feeds. What are they and what can they do for me? How do I read them and how do I make them? All of us at Six Apart get these questions everyday. For this very reason, Anil’s written up a great summary. Without further ado, the Six Apart Guide to Feeds. Please resist […]

  • Fear of being blogged

    One last thing about the Blog Business Summit and then I’m done. Really. I was sitting next to a PR person from a major company and she was expressing frustration that the sessions were not going the way she wanted them. Since the bloggers that ran the session love to run things in an interactive […]

  • Slogging up the Business Blog Slope of Enlightenment

    Debbie Weil, a blog business consultant, points to a Gartner conference call in which they place RSS and Corporate Blogging heading into the Trough of Disillusionment. As you look at Gartner’s Emerging Technology Hype Cycle for 2005, (check out page 6 on the PDF) you can see that they place corporate blogging about two years […]

  • Blog Business Summit – Day Two

    One thing I learned from looking at my Day One post on the various aggregation engines and trackback excerpts is to never lead with an image again. You get his horrible “<img src . . . ” as your lead in which doesn’t exactly draw readers to the rest of your post. Day Two was […]

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