Owl Hairball

Tyler brought home a small tupperware case full of damp mouse hair and small little bones "skulls too!" Izumi almost gagged but Tyler can’t wait to show his friends. It’s definitely the coolest thing he’s gotten from Science Camp which wraps up this week.






2 responses to “Owl Hairball”

  1. mie Avatar

    Thank god Waka and Kats don’t cough up little skulls. I’d do more than gag. They would no longer be sleeping in my bed!

  2. Gannyb2000 Avatar

    My granddaughter, in 5th grade, just brought home a packet of this same stuff. It had lots of hair stuff and some little skulls and bones that looked like mouse skull and leg bones. She was very excited about this project. I thought it was pretty cool too.

    Victoria’s grandma.

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