Month: January 2006

  • A $46.6 million Bet on Sling Media

    UPDATE: One of the main investors is EchoStar, which also operates the Dish Network satellite TV service. The plan is to differentiate the Dish service with the Slingbox “take your video anywhere” service and, “to expand into mobile platforms like cell phones and handheld devices. Sling Media also recently announced plans to introduce Macintosh-compatible versions […]

  • Hello Kitty Guitar

    Julia has said that she wants to learn to play violin ( which is especially funny when you see the photo of her playing a ukulele like a fiddle). We’re looking for a place that will teach a four year-old but she may change her mind after seeing this:

  • Guy Kawasaki at Yahoo!

    Yahoo invited Guy Kawasaki in to talk about what it means to be an evangelist and how to write a corporate mantra (not to be confused with a mission statement). His talk was well-attended and more than a few old Mac hands came to worship the prophet. I love the fact that Guy is blogging. […]

  • Star Horse

    Tyler’s getting into the Star War movie series. Julia, who’s had enough of Luke Sykywalker and the gang and tells Tyler she’s sick & tired of his "star horse" movies. Izumi and I almost lost our morning coffee.

  • Long Live the Aibo!

    We are sad to hear news that Sony, in a cost-cutting measure, is shuttering the robotics division famous for the production of the Aibo robotic dog. They were a little pricey at $2,000 a pop but they were really sophisticated and quite ahead of their time. Sony provided a SDK which could be used to […]

  • Tyler hacks the pebble system

    Tyler’s onto us. Izumi set up a little system with the kids to reward them for good behavior. The way it worked is that we had a jar of glass beads. Whenever they did something that we wanted to encourage, like make their bed without our asking them, clean up their room, or otherwise help […]

  • The San Francisco way to build community

    One of the things you don’t want to do when you’re trying to start a community is create a barrier to entry for potential members. The key to the survival of a community is a rich and diverse membership. One example of this is the San Francisco Motorcycle Club which has evolved and morphed through […]

  • Recommended Podcast – Sparkletack

    One of the great things about podcasting is that it’s bringing back the art of story-telling. I drive about and hour each way to and from work and this time in the car is my time when I can either get ready for the day or decompress on the way home so sometimes the stories […]

  • Izumi’s Excellent Day

    Izumi just told me three stories that were just too funny not to share:The Afghans in the Locker Room We’ve been going to this gym on the other end of the island and Zoomer’s told me a few times about these two rather Rubenesque women in the sauna that always seem to be drying their […]

  • But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. . .

    I was hoping to just let the dust settle a bit before choosing to post but then I was reminded that my last post on weird Japanese exercise devices seems to be an odd welcome to anyone looking for a perspective on the latest hullabaloo from someone focused on social media projects at Yahoo. Early […]