One of the things you don’t want to do when you’re trying to start a community is create a barrier to entry for potential members. The key to the survival of a community is a rich and diverse membership. One example of this is the San Francisco Motorcycle Club which has evolved and morphed through the years with only one central thread, an interest and passion for two-wheeled motorized transport. But even more than that, they have a very low-key message to potential members poking around on their website (which is endearingly 1990s-esque). This invitation just the right tone. From their website FAQs:

The San Francisco Motorcycle Club is, paradoxically, made up of people who aren’t club-types. Club-types gravitate toward associations because all they’re interested in is the posing. A club doesn’t provide them with instant gratification. Our clubhouse is kept up and filled by people who enjoy motorcycles, and since you seem inclined that way yourself, you’re likely to meet people at the clubhouse who share your interests. Stop by on a Thursday evening or for a club ride and check us out. Do not be deterred by the application process, just stop by and hang out a while. The clubhouse’s walls are covered with 99 years worth of framed photographs, banners, awards, trophies and documents. It’s a veritable museum to San Francisco motorcycling, it’s free to drop in, and you should.

You can learn more about the club and listen to a podcast of it’s history at Sparkletack.