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  • Burned Man

    I had such a great time at Burning Man last year. It was my first time and my brother-in-law graciously gave up his ticket so that my sister to take me. Mie is a veteran and was the perfect guide in every way. She knew what to bring and where to go but also knew […]

  • How to write a good set of Community Guidelines

    How to write a good set of Community Guidelines

    Writing the Community Guidelines for an online social network is an art. Next to on-boarding and FAQs, the community guidelines are an important document that helps set the tone for the site and the people that use it. You need to be clear and firm but also treat those that use your site as humans […]

  • Howl 2.0

    UC Berkeley professor Ken Goldberg and documentary filmmaker (and founder of the Webby Award) Tiffany Shlain put together a modern update to Allen Ginsberg’s famous Beat Generation poem, Howl (also purportedly written in Berkeley). Yelp exhorts us all to unplug from from our endless quest for the next info-fix and, “power-down and revisit the present tense.” […]

  • Longevity

    I was just cleaning up some old blog posts and noticed that the link to a Honda viral video made over seven years ago is not only still live, but still generating comments. The video is hosted at albinoblacksheep.com, not affiliated with Honda in any way. Is it a wasted opportunity not to have this […]

  • Merry Christmas from Improv Everywhere

    The folks at Improv Everywhere give the Salvation Army bell guy a helping hand.

  • Fact-checking your consumption with the cloud

    One of the benefits of pulling all your data together is that you can overlay data sets on top of one another for further insight. I only noticed this today but Pacific Gas & Electric’s Usage History section is great example. Here’s my gas bill over the past 24 months available to me when I […]

  • Trouble Tickets for City Hall – SeeClickFix

    SeeClickFix lets people assign Help Tickets to their local neighborhood. I’m not quite sure how I feel about this one. On the one hand, it’s nice to see that there’s an easy way for citizens to get involved and if we all keep our eyes open for things like burnt out street lamps and broken […]

  • Community 2.0 with Twitter

    MyBlogLog just launched an experiment and a shared account at twitter.com/mybloglog. All of us on the team have twitter accounts and have been tripping over each other using our accounts to respond to people and get the word out to our various, over-lapping pools of followers. The twittersphere is so noisy anyway that when we […]

  • Netsquared Mashup Challenge

    The Netsquared Mashup Challenge applications are in and now it’s time to vote on your favorite of the 122 that have been submitted. It’s all for a good cause and the projects listed here are good inspiration for those attending Mashup University where I’ll be doing a brief presentation tomorrow morning on the MyBlogLog API. […]

  • MyBlogLog: DNS for People

    Many moons ago I took a job managing the Sun Sparc workstations on the Fixed Income trading floor at the Tokyo branch of Lehman Brothers. It was a time when a 486 Compaq computer cost $5,000 (just the CPU!) and a 28.8 Supra modem would run you a couple hundred bucks. With these economics in […]