Yahoo Startup Kit

I’m not going to post about this at length because Chad Dickerson pretty much sums up everything I wanted to say (although I do like Havi’s label of this as an early Valentine’s Day gift). Suffice to say, Yahoo has basically open-sourced all their UI designs so you no longer have to build widgets like sliders, tree controls, or calendars from scratch.

I have a quote by Leonard Lin on the bottom of my Yahoo 360 page. Now, more then ever, it rings true:

Part of the Yahoo! spiel is that they see themselves as having one of the world’s best kitchens for chefs to come in and do their thing. All I have to say is, there are mouths to feed. Let’s get cooking.






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  1. Yahoo!

    Yahoo done a wonderful thing!

    I stumbled into the design patterns piece of it on Monday, but during my periodic look at mezzoblue, the details became more clear. Not only has Yahoo made available to the public a set of design patterns, but…

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