Jonathan Schwartz on Scott McNealy


End of an era. Scott McNealy steps aside as CEO of Sun Microsystems and hands the baton over to Jonathan Schwartz and we have another CEO blogger! Jon has a great post recounting the first time he met Scott and this:

There is no single individual who has created more jobs around the world than you. And unlike Henry Ford and some of the industrialists that preceded you, not all of those folks just work for Sun – I’m not talking hundreds or thousands of jobs, I’m talking millions. They ended up in America and India, Indonesia and Antarctica, Madagascar, Mexico, Brazil and Finland. They ended up everywhere. Everywhere the network travels.

No single individual has spawned so many startups, fueled so much venture investment, or raised so much capital without actually trying – just with a vision of the future that gets more obvious by the day.

The Network is the Computer. Scott was one of the few who saw this back in 1992 and we are only now beginning to see how prescient that vision really was.






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  1. daniela barbosa Avatar

    Debbie Weil who runs BlogWrite for CEOs posted on that day that Jonathan Schwartz’s blog hadn’t been updated in a couple of weeks (i have tracked his blog for a while and he hasn’t been a ‘daily’ blogger). And wanted to know if he was going to be the first Fortune 500 CEO. Read her description of what happened after:

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