(large posters appeared overnight to promote the brand new yahoo.com home page)

Lots of buzz around the new Yahoo homepage which was made available as a preview today. Most appreciated the interactive elements that let you check your email and local traffic conditions without leaving the page. The team packed in a lot of information on the page (no scrollbar on my 1280 x 1024 screen) without making it overwhelming. Just right I think.

Havi Hoffman has a great writeup on the launch over on Search Blog and Richard MacManus has the podcast exclusive. For those that want to get in under the hood, check out Bill Scott posting on design considerations and Nate Koechley with the nitty on the technical details covering things such as the use of CSS sprites.

There’s a lot here to discover, subtle things such as changing of the font from Arial to Verdana for better legibility as you get smaller and the countless bits of stuff to see in the Pulse module. More details on personalization features from Scott Gatz.

Finally, don’t miss the quirky welcome message from Jerry and David.

Excellent work all around, makes me proud to work here.