Year: 2007

  • Coyle & Sharpe

    The original San Francisco Pranksters

  • Inspiration

    We don’t need more heat. We need more light. – from Barack Obama’s closing remarks before the Iowa caucus.

  • Dedicated to all the Vacation Travelers

    Cool montage of planes taking off from unknown airport. Found on ffffound!


    There’s some cool blogging going on over at, a relaunched corporate blog that highlights the hacker culture at Yahoo. Sure, they just posted a short video of sound bites spliced together from interviews (Ricky Montalvo is a master) I did at a recent all-night hackathon. But there’s also other great posts including Havi’s summary […]

  • Flickr Stats Under Construction Animation

    Flickr released it’s stats feature for Pro members today and while your stats are being crunched, they show the classic “under construction” animated .gifs. What people may not know is that there are three versions that you get in somewhat random order. There’s more where these came from. . .

  • A picture is worth a thousand words – Yahoo! Shortcuts for WordPress

    When I write a blog post I make heavy use of the tabs in my browser so that I can switch back and forth between the blog compose screen and other screens where I do my research. I usually have my trusty image editor running as well so I can crop an edit any images […]

  • End of an Era

    Back in February, Western Union announced that it would no longer be sending telegrams ending a 150 year tradition of the hushed interruption by the butler of urgent news from lands far, far away. Thus it is only fitting that today we hear that the New York Times has shut down its fabled Recording Room […]

  • Lowest Common Denominator President

    Our country is sharply divided over a war that is being waged in a distant land. My views on this war are clear: it is happening, it is happening in Iraq, and it will continue to happen until it stops. Some people believe we should withdraw all the troops now. Some people believe we should […]

  • Failed Robot Humor

    My name is RT-8500 and I will be here all millennium. Not that you will live that long. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. I am just kidding—although the facts I state are empirically true. – from A Robot Performs Standup Comedy to a Lackluster Response

  • Warner Brothers gives us a peek at upcoming Speed Racer movie

    Larry and Andy Wachowski made their name with The Matrix trilogy of movies. In their first release since that series of movies, Speed Racer (due out in May 2008) is an on screen adoption of the popular Japanese cartoon from the Sixties. Today Warner Brothers released a few stills from the movie and it’s looking […]