Lowest Common Denominator President

Our country is sharply divided over a war that is being waged in a distant land. My views on this war are clear: it is happening, it is happening in Iraq, and it will continue to happen until it stops. Some people believe we should withdraw all the troops now. Some people believe we should stay and fight until we’ve established a stable nation. Some people believe we should gradually hand over control to the Iraqi government. I feel blessed to live in a country with so many beliefs.

– from McSweeny’s A Presidential campaign speech that will help you sweep the popular vote

Reminds me of speeches I’ve heard before. I’m tired of hearing candidates say, “I believe. . . ” What about, “I know. . . “






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  1. Texas_JAM Avatar

    The best take on the different opinions of Americans on the fight in Iraq/Afghanistan is a South Park episode which had the citizens spilt down the middle and Cartman going back in time to the Revolutionary War. So many of us forget that not all Americans were for splitting off from Great Britain. Watch the episode the next time it comes on.

  2. Dan Hanosh Avatar

    Robert Bly wrote of establishing a Democracy as a reason for war . . . He wrote it in the 60’s. Righteousness is just a ploy for the insanity of war . . . The truth it covers all crimes . . . It creates wealth and a growing economy. What it really comes down too, is those that read and those that don’t . . . Education teaches us about each other and we become tolerant toward others.

    The truth is the Civil war wasn’t fought over slavery so much as it was fought on a difference of opinion . . . And I’m afraid we’re moving toward that once again and it might just come down to good vs evil . . . Dreams are yours to share. Dan

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