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  • New York Media Obsession

    New York Media Obsession

    I’m looking forward to when we can spend more time talking about challenges in front of us than crime and corruption from the past..

  • NYC Rat Czar

    NYC Rat Czar

    NYC is looking for a bad ass rat terminator.

  • There’s More That Unites Us

    CBS Sunday Morning rolled out Ted Koppel last weekend to explore how the United States became so polarized as a nation and if there were things that could mend the divide. Twenty-one years ago, in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, may have been the last time that the United States was openly – even […]

  • Jonathan Pie

    Jonathan Pie

    Put your coffee down before you watch the video. Jonathan Pie is a fictional broadcast reporter created and performed by British comedian Tom Walker. The New York Times invited Jonathan for an in-character interview to explain why the British are fed up with Boris Johnson. But when Mr. Pie turned his sights on the “entitled […]

  • Impeachment #2

    As we dive back into Impeachment Trial #2, let us all review where we left off last time. During Adam Schiff’s closing arguments he levels this charge at his GOP colleagues. History will not be kind to Donald Trump. If you find that the House has proved its case, and still vote to acquit, your […]

  • NEJM Fires Trump

    NEJM Fires Trump

    The venerable and respected New England Journal of Medicine broke with tradition and published a political editorial lambasting the current administration’s response to Covid-19. While they did not call out Trump & Pence by name, they basically called them a threat to the health and society of all Americans and encouraged their readers to vote […]

  • Scared Kitty

  • Trump 404

    The 404 page on donaldjtrump.com is a re-work of his one from the last election but instead of trolling Clinton, it’s trolling Biden. Meanwhile, on joebiden.com, the 404 page is the same error page used during the primaries. To see the full gallery from all the primary candidates, you can view them here.

  • Goodbye Super Tuesday

    Big day yesterday with Bloomberg dropping out this morning, all eyes looking to see what Warren will do and everyone wondering why Tulsi Gabbard is still hanging in there. More details at The Race.

  • Factiva

    In 1999 I was at the founding of Factiva, a joint venture between Dow Jones and Reuters, two of the leading news organizations at the time. This global JV brought together the news archival databases of both companies and made them available “on the web” which was a big deal back then. With the right […]