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  • Questions about Kavanaugh

    Two things nagging at me as we await what is gearing up to be the showdown of the decade. There’s no about-ness about this. Someone is not telling the truth. It’ll be winner takes all. Brett Kavanaugh has categorically denied being at the party where  Christine Blasey Ford alleges that she was pinned down and […]

  • Putting it on the line

    Putting it on the line

    Kaepernick & Booker – putting it on the line.

  • Turn of the Screw

    Turn of the Screw

    August 21st felt like a turning point. With the simultaneous trials of Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort popping out new bits of information about how Donald Trump ran his campaign, we learned that our President may be an “unindicted co-conspirator” in a crime. That’s an especially loaded term commonly associated with Nixon and Watergate (Wikipedia has […]

  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez campaign ad

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shocked everyone last night with her huge upset the in New York’s 14th congressional district primary. The 28-year-old newcomer unseated Democrat Joe Crowley, a 10-term incumbent and one of the more powerful old guards of the party. Not only that, headlines screamed, she was a socialist. She was outspent 18-to-1 and Congressman Crowley […]

  • Border Wall

    My twitter feed blew up last weekend. I had to turn off notifications and, even now, four days later, the number of retweets, likes, and responses are still coming in above the usual trickle. I clearly touched a nerve. A jogger, visiting Canada from France, accidentally crossed the border, was apprehended by US Border Patrol, […]

  • Tale of Two Videos

    Compare and contrast. French President Emmanuel Macron addressing Congress. U.S. President Donald Trump calling in to Fox & Friends this morning.

  • Zuck goes to Washington

    Zuck goes to Washington

    Sure you could watch 9 hours of testimony (Day 1 on CSPAN, Day 2 on CSPAN) but just to put it in one place, here are the takes that I found insightful. I’ll add to this post when I find things so please add something in the comments too. The New York Times’ Podcast The […]

  • The World We Live In

    The World We Live In

    Things have gotten so crazy and divisive lately that it’s now increasingly obvious that people are living in alternate realities. Our filter bubbles have become so completely isolating that they are impervious to commonly understood baseline facts such as science and reason. Some examples: Facebook is using your phone to listen to your conversations. The […]

  • Hillary Clinton on Trump

    Hillary Clinton on Trump

    HRC is on tour to promote her book, What Happened. She was on the popular liberal podcast, Pod Save America and shared this snippet which I’ve transcribed and linked to below. I wrote this book to come to try to come to grips with what happened but also to sound the alarm about what I […]

  • Political Theatre

    A detailed breakdown of how the Senate health care vote went down in the dead of the evening. John McCain’s mic-drop moment when he went against his party and voted against repealing legislation enacted by his opponent in the 2008 presidential campaign. Buzzfeed has an annotated blow-by-blow of the historic moment, complete with animated GIFs, […]