Presidential Candidate 404 Pages

As the 2016 US Presidential Election gets going, each candidates website 404 pages give us a rare glimpse into the personality behind each campaign. Let’s have a look.


Hillary Rodham Clinton – her page looks like a misplaced snapshot and speaks to the basic, simplistic style of her Middle American base. Look what we found!

Lawrence Lessig – not really one for smalltalk, just gives you the data.

Martin O’Malley – great if you think your candidate is going to be the next George Washington.

Bernie Sanders – bonus points for the down-home folksy message on the embedded video. “The good news is you’re on the right web site . . . the bad news is you’re on-the-wrong-page. Just scoot down . . . and you’ll find your way back home.”


Jeb Bush – his “wat” page has been localized – you can also access the page in Spanish.

Ben Carson – plain and direct, no-nonsense and frankly boring.

Chris Christie – updated with a clip of the Governor dancing with Jimmy Fallon

Ted Cruz – redirects back to the homepage, there are no wrong answers.

Carly Fiorina – looks real professional but it’s really just window dressing

Lindsey Graham – Oops indeed. It looks naked.

Mike Huckabee – includes share buttons just in case you want to share a cute photo of Mike with his dog.

Bobby Jindal – blames Obama for the missing page and then asks for a donation.

John Kasich – Lost? Brother, can you spare a dime?

George Pataki – at least you know who to call to blame

Rand Paul – updated with a dig at the NSA.

Rick Perry – still hasn’t found what he’s looking for.

Marco Rubio – slick promotional video recovers the mistake

Rick Santorum – always looking for an opportunity to make fun of Hillary.

Donald Trump – Error.

Scott Walker – thaar be pirates there to steal your loot.

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