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  • Two Sides

    I hate to pitch politics as just one side vs. the other because it ignores the fact that we’re all Americans (shout out to the guy in the MAGA hat that waved and cheered me on my morning run) and are lucky that we even have the luxury to debate issues and participate in a […]

  • Impeachment Bon Mots

    Ambassador Taylor had to reach for his water before dropping this one. Following that meeting, in the presence of my staff at a restaurant, Ambassador Sondland called President Trump and told him of his meetings in Kyiv. The member of my staff could hear President Trump on the phone, asking Ambassador Sondland about “the investigations.” […]

  • Headline Spectrum

    So interesting when you lay the headlines along a spectrum. You can pick up quick a bit from just a headline. Trump caves, says he will release whistleblower complaint, IG report Schumer will press resolution to force administration to release whistleblower complaint to Congress Trump caves to Congress — will release full whistleblower complaint and […]

  • Pete Buttigieg & Structural Change

    While it’s important to talk about the issues, they are all just ideas and plans until we have a debate about the structure of our political system – that is what is limiting our ability to make real changes that will stick. Here’s Mayor Pete from last night’s debate: [This is] the conversation that we […]

  • Mueller Report : A 10-act play

    Mueller Report : A 10-act play

    An all-star cast of actors gathered together in New York to perform a dramatic reading of the Mueller Report.

  • We’re better than this

    Elijah Cummings implores the United States to, “get back to normal” I know that this has been hard. I know that you face a lot. I know that you are worried about your family. But this is a part of your destiny. And hopefully this portion of your destiny will lead to a better Michael […]

  • Candidate 404 pages

    A collection of presidential candidate 404 pages

  • Lady Gaga on Dr. Ford’s Courage

    I am a sexual assault survivor. Trump the other day was speaking at a rally, and he said, ‘She has no memory of how she got to the party. Should we trust that she remembers the assault?’ And the answer is ‘yes’ … And I also know this woman is smart because she’s a psychologist […]

  • Ford-Kavanaugh and Truth

    Ford-Kavanaugh and Truth

    The nation watches and the world waits to see if our institutions will survive this test.

  • Questions about Kavanaugh

    Two things nagging at me as we await what is gearing up to be the showdown of the decade. There’s no about-ness about this. Someone is not telling the truth. It’ll be winner takes all. Brett Kavanaugh has categorically denied being at the party where  Christine Blasey Ford alleges that she was pinned down and […]