Put your coffee down before you watch the video.

Jonathan Pie is a fictional broadcast reporter created and performed by British comedian Tom Walker. The New York Times invited Jonathan for an in-character interview to explain why the British are fed up with Boris Johnson. But when Mr. Pie turned his sights on the “entitled arseholes” that make up the British government, what spilled out was a wonderful string of expletives that matched some of Captain Haddock’s best.

Cannibals. Self-serving parasites. Tapeworms in tiaras, swimming through the intestines of the state sucking all the goodness out of it for their own repugnant gratification.

Quite an image, eh?

The video was embedded the Op-Ed section of the New York Times (h/t @robertodevido) into which the paper felt it necessary to add the following disclaimer,

The video contains strong language and adult humor you wouldn’t normally see in The Times, but after being taken for fools, the British public is through being polite.

‘The First Thing You Need to Know About Boris Johnson Is He’s a Liar’

There’s loads more from Jonathan Pie over on his YouTube page.