The week that was

Scientists in Oxfordshire made a breakthrough in their work to create a self-sustaining fusion reactor doubling energy output from previous experiments.

Due to pandemic-induced teacher shortages in New Mexico schools, the National Guard has been called in, as substitutes.

Chimpanzees were observed treating each other’s wounds by applying dead insects to the wound, a unique behavior never seen before in primates.

Congressional representative Marjorie Taylor Greene elicited howls of laughter when she accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of using the Capitol Police as her private “gazpacho police.”

Our dystopian future inches ever closer as the Department of Homeland Security looks into deploying robot dogs to patrol the southern border.

ESPN breathlessly reported that Cristiano Ronaldo has the most Instagram followers in the world.

The online game Wordle moved to its new home on the New York Times’ servers and all hell broke loose when players discovered their winning streak and stats were cleared out during the migration. Wordle also helped disrupt a crime in progress. For some Wordle variants, I’m keeping a list.

Eric Finkelstein and Scott Ambinder sat for an interview with The New Yorker after visiting every Citibike docking station in New York city, all 1600 of them.

The Australian government has officially listed the koala as an endangered species.

For some reason, everyone with a Mazda in the Seattle area can only listen to the local NPR station on their car radio. Nothing else. Really.






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