Super Bowl LVI – the ads

Super Bowl 56 featured ads from many car companies introducing their Electronic Vehicles (EV) as well as a few crypto companies.

The failed attempt at the most innovative ad was goes to Coinbase which featured 60-seconds of a floating QR code (for those that were in the know, that graphic was an homage to an episode of The Office) Unfortunately their site crashed so the $14 million the company spent to hopefully acquire new users went to waste and Coinbase will forever be associated with the QR code that crashed their website.

A personal favorite of mine was from the FTX which featured Larry David (who has never featured in an ad spot until now) as the ever-present skeptic who misses out on all the great inventions of history. The ad’s theme plays right into the older generation’s FOMO and played in the premium spot right before the Super Bowl’s halftime show.

The tear jerker of the night was from Toyota which ran before the game even got under way. The spot told the story of the McKeever brothers from Canada who worked together to achieve greatness in Nordic Paralympic skiing. Brothers is a moving 60-seconds worth watching if you haven’t seen it. Here’s the backstory.

Of all the EV commercials trotted out over the course of the game, Polestar’s anti-ad was most effective for me. Taking aim at the market leaders VW (“no dieselgate”) and Tesla (“no conquering Mars”) Polestar’s spot doesn’t even show you much of their car which immediately piques your interest in who they might be?

What was your favorite?





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