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  • Super Bowl LVI – the ads

    Super Bowl LVI – the ads

    Larry David, the McKeever brothers, and Coinbase’s floating QR code.

  • Super Bowl 53 – the ads

    Super Bowl 53 – the ads

    Super Bowl 53 – about those ads

  • Edelman’s Epic Catch

    Edelman’s Epic Catch

    4th quarter, just over 2 minutes to go, Patriots are down by 8. Julian Edelman grabs the pass while surrounded by three defenders, not only grabs the pass, snags it just after it bounced off one of the defender’s knees. This was the turning point. The Pats moved it down the field to tie it […]

  • Budweiser Founded by an Immigrant

    Budweiser Founded by an Immigrant

    They say this commercial was in development for a long time so they either had a few alternates ready to go or were just extremely prescient. Either way, Budweiser’s Super Bowl ad airing this Sunday will be sure to tap into what is on everyone’s mind in a way that only a few national brands […]

  • Superb Owl

    The circus has left town but that’s not to say the city didn’t get the chance to poke a little fun at the NFL’s self-importance.

  • Hacking Madden

    Hacking Madden

    It’s Super Bowl Sunday, one of the most controlled sporting events on the planet. While it’s not exactly rigged, every aspect of the game has been optimized for maximum viewing audience engagement. Sure, there’s a football game in there somewhere but every variable has been carefully engineered to maximize viewing enjoyment. Some suspect that the […]

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