The week that was

Mattress Mack lost his $4.5 million Super Bowl bet.

Melania Trump’s auction of a piece of presidential history to raise some crypto had a winner. The former first lady.

Tuscaloosa police were called in after a report of two “suspicious packages” on the front steps of the federal courthouse. After setting up a perimeter and blocking traffic the police trepidly approached and discovered a Taco and Burrito Cravings Pack.

NYU is teaching a course on Taylor Swift.

A priest in Arizona was informed that he had been performing baptisms incorrectly since donning the frock in 1995, invalidating thousands of baptisms.

A large flock of yellow-headed blackbirds suddenly fell out of the sky and it was caught on video.

A car rear-ended a van during a Las Vegas pedestrian awareness event. This was the second time there was an accident at such an event. Earlier, a woman was almost struck by a semi-truck after finishing an interview on TV talking about how scary it is to cross the street.






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