The sport of curling had its moment in the spotlight as the US curler John Shuster was the official flag bearer for the United States. This first time in US Olympic history.

For about 30 minutes on Friday afternoon Russia had invaded the Ukraine. At least according to Bloomberg Financial News.

Nearly half of all British house cats are obese according to the Royal Veterinary College that is recruiting diabetic cats for a new dietary trial.

A loose hen was found early Monday morning wandering around a security area at the Pentagon. The chicken was taken into custody and handed over to a local animal welfare group that said they were unable to reveal the precise location where the bird was spotted.

You can now take out a mortgage to purchase real estate in the metaverse. Unlike the real world, mortgages have much shorter terms (2 years instead of 30) which may indicate a lack of confidence in the stability of the virtual world.

Texas furniture mogul ‘Mattress Mack’ threw down another one of his famous hedge bets to cover his promise to make your purchase free if the Bengals win the Super Bowl. This time he used a mobile betting app to place his $4.5 million wager but had to drive into the next state to use it legally.