Underscoring the need for President Biden’s trillion dollar infrastructure bill, a bridge collapsed outside Pittsburgh where the President was scheduled to give a speech later in the day, about infrastructure.

The NYC Mayor’s office declared Sarah Palin a public health risk.

The captain of the Crystal Symphony, a Miami-bound cruise ship, turned around and docked in the Bahamas to avoid getting his ship impounded for non-payment of a fuel bill.

As Beijing prepares to host the Winter Olympics, 1.2 million cubic tons of artificial snow are being sprayed onto nearby mountains so that there’s enough to host the planned events.

Amateur astronomers have determined that an errant Falcon 9 rocket stage that has been hurtling thru space for seven years will violently rendezvous with the dark side of the moon in early March.

Fourteen London Underground trains had to be diverted, causing delays, while workers coaxed a stubborn swan off the tracks.

Two excited authors of freshly printed cookbooks were crushed to learn their book release parties will be delayed. The entire print run of their books were lost at sea when a cargo ship lost over 60 containers into the Atlantic.