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  • Steve Martin on side effects

    Steve Martin on side effects

    I have another site where I keep short quotes and other online ephemera but for longer pieces that I fear may disappear some day, I save them here. Enjoy. Side Effects by Steve Martin DOSAGE: take two tablets every six hours for joint pain. SIDE EFFECTS: This drug may cause joint pain, nausea, head-ache, or…

  • Jonathan Pie

    Jonathan Pie

    Put your coffee down before you watch the video. Jonathan Pie is a fictional broadcast reporter created and performed by British comedian Tom Walker. The New York Times invited Jonathan for an in-character interview to explain why the British are fed up with Boris Johnson. But when Mr. Pie turned his sights on the “entitled…

  • Prancer


    The internet is full of link rot. Things that you point to for their brilliance submerge out of view years later, lost to the sands of time. The wayback machine may be your only salvation but it’s like looking for lost scraps of paper in the attic. For this reason, I have copy/pasted this bit…

  • Scared Kitty

  • Context

    An on-going collection of layout blunders. If you have some to add, link them in the comments.

  • SNL skit becomes reality

    In May, there was a Saturday Night Live skit about what might happen if TV reporters started using Snapchat to stream live video. In today’s BBC, there was this story.

  • Citizen WTF?

    Citizen WTF?

    The Citizen app is available in NYC and the SF Bay Area. The app is designed to alert you when crime happens nearby with location-based push notifications. But, because the platform is crowdsourced, it exposes all the idiosyncratic definitions of “crime” that you would expect from its voyeuristic users. Here are some of my favorites.…

  • No one in the universe reads the terms and conditions

  • If HAL-9000 was Alexa