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  • Sticks for Sale

    Artisanal Firewood made the rounds poking fun at the artisinal trend but in a strange twist, it is now reality in London where a florist is selling a carefully curated selection of sticks just down the block from the park. What’s next? Bespoke Air?

  • The best thing on the Internet today

    I’ve already shared this multiple times today but am adding it here so I can refer back when needed. Media coverage was thick and fast as it was a slow news day in Trumpland and everyone was looking for a bit of comic relief on a Friday after a busy week. Taiwan-based expat Ben Thompson […]

  • Japan’s view of celebrity

    With the Oscars coming up tomorrow, I thought it would be fun to share this performance by Japanese comedian Yuriyan Retriever where she nails (as in totally skewers) the genre of the overly emotional acceptance speech.

  • A more innocent time

    In the early 60’s two guys made a radio show out of wandering the streets and playing pranks of the unsuspecting locals. In this episode Coyle and Sharpe wander into a drug store to ask for “operating equipment” so he can operate on his friend. “He’s got a pain in there and I’m just going […]

  • I am a thought leader

    Sometimes the message is just the medium. This talk by Pat Kelly of This is That of CBC in Canada pokes fun at the TED talk conference series which takes place in Vancouver every year. Everything you need to know about how to look smart without really saying anything.

  • Aethaer : Bespoke Air from Great Britain

    Aethaer : Bespoke Air from Great Britain

    I believe the English phrase is, taking the piss. Taking advantage of all the reports of poor air quality in China, British entrepreneur Leo De Watts is making “thousands of dollars” selling bottles of “naturally occuring, lovingly bottled” air to the Chinese. Echoing the “bespoke” values of the old country, Aethaer uses traditional materials and […]

  • The probabilistic guarantees of a web browser

    The probabilistic guarantees of a web browser

    We’ve all been there. Something goes all sideways in our browser and we’re stuck with a spinning throbber as the fan kicks into overdrive. Tempted to see what might be going on, we roll up our sleeves and pop the virtual hood and our world goes from rainbows and unicorns into a stinky mess of […]

  • My Kitchen Just Crashed

    Internet of Things Gone Wrong

  • Peanutweeter

    From a site called @peanutweeter which combines tweets with stills from Peanuts, updating the 1950’s comic strip to a commentary of our time. “The site arose from the concept that the amusing and sometimes outrageous tweets out there would be even funnier or sometimes darker if they came from someone that everyone could identify with,” […]

  • View Source Parody

    A derivative work surfaced the other day, helpfully linking itself to it’s source material. Obi-Wan Kenobi Is Dead, Vader Says Bin Laden is Dead, Obama Says This is Mad Magazine territory.