Month: January 2007

  • An ROI Metric for Social Media Marketing

    Steve Rubel posts a snippet from a new Forrester report that suggests ways that corporations can begin to measure the effective return on their blogging investments. One thing to keep in mind whenever you talk about blogging and ROI though is, as Jeremiah likes to say, the “I” for a blog-based social media marketing campaign […]

  • Fun with Ringtones

    Ringtonesoup is making the rounds because a sample of Marissa Mayer’s laugh is one of the most popular ringtones on the site. Intrigued, I was pleased to find a site which makes it dead easy to upload and share your favorite samples. They have a contest going on for the best “Booty Call” ringtone so […]

  • Tag Maps

    Introducing Tag Maps, the latest shiny toy out of the Yahoo! Research Labs. Basically they’ve pulled in the geo-coding information from flickr and extracted tags to clump together a people-powered view of the world on Yahoo Maps. Be sure to also check out Night Explorer and Trip Explorer for different views of the world. Badges […]

  • For the man who has everything – one huge swiss army knife

    In celebration of their 100-year anniversary, Wenger, the makers of the original Swiss Army Knife, are putting out a special edition knife. It weighs almost three pounds and comes with 85 different instruments including the toothpick. Suggested retail is $1,200. Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife.

  • Sure the iPhone looked cool but at least you could touch this interface

    We all gawked at the hermetically sealed display of the iPhone at the recent MacWorld show but the Smart Board was one of the cooler things I saw. Basically it was like a huge touchscreen display that your could write on with digital ink. I’ve seen these used on CNN and ESPN but this was […]

  • Is your website tasty?

    The Yahoo Publisher Network blog has an excellent graphic which describes how a crawler might look at a webpage if it was a voracious carnivore. This is Part II of a series that my colleagues Cody and Amit are doing on optimizing your site for advertising.

  • Yahoo! acquires MyBlogLog, puts a face to analytics

    Holy crap this year started off with a bang! I’ve been lumbering in a post-holiday daze for the past couple of weeks but a quick succession of events snapped me out of it. Yahoo! acquires MyBlogLog – I’ve been using the service for quite some time now and have been singing it’s praises internally. The […]