Ringtonesoup is making the rounds because a sample of Marissa Mayer’s laugh is one of the most popular ringtones on the site. Intrigued, I was pleased to find a site which makes it dead easy to upload and share your favorite samples. They have a contest going on for the best “Booty Call” ringtone so that became my project for the night.

1. Grabbed a sound file as a source. I chose a one of my favorite sets from Christina Moritz’s mixes.
2. Converted the mp3 file to a wav file that I could edit. I used WavePad which has a free download.
3. Selected a 5-second sample and uploaded it to ringtonesoup and submitted it to the contest.
4. Sent a link to the sample to Christina because I know she loves this song (as do I) by Madrid de los Austrias which shows up fairly regularly in her shows.

Total time? About 15 minutes.