Month: March 2007

  • Friday Flickr Fun with

    Original Image from Stabilo Boss

  • Tivo vs. Apple TV

    That was quick. I thought the distribution of home movies directly downloaded to Tivo would have been handled by the Amazon Unbox arrangement which I wrote about last week but I instead Tivo is promoting a service called One True Media. Here’s how it works. Upload your photos and short movies to the service that […]

  • Movies to your Tivo via Amazon Unbox

    Movies to your Tivo via Amazon Unbox

    I decided to give Amazon’s new Unbox service a whirl over the weekend (they are offering $15 in credit if you register your Tivo broadband service with Amazon by April 30th) and was very pleased with the experience. It took only a few minutes to link up my Tivo account and after that, any movie […]

  • Sparkletack is Back!

    My favorite podcast , Sparkletack – the San Francisco history podcast, as told by a distant relative of Mark Twain, is back after a longish hiatus. If you, like me, have a long commute and are looking for something to listen to and enjoy a good tale, subscribe to Richard’s podcast. The latest episode, The […]

  • SXSW Day Four, Tuesday

    After Bust 2.0: Ten Years Later, Where Will We Be? Most of the optimism on the panel came from the fact that “this time it’s different.” Bandwidth and hardware is cheaper, storage is cheaper, we know how to scale effectively, we can do more with less, we won’t get fooled again. Then Ted Rheingold of […]

  • SXSW, Day Three Monday

    It poured last night but had the good fortune to tag along with with Dan Theurer out to the Austin City Limits studio to catch Voxtrot. It was so nice to be away from the mad rush of conference posers and chill out to a some great music with people that were there for the […]

  • SXSW, Day Two Sunday

    Part two in a continuing series. I was up late watching Ze Frank and his hilarious deconstruction of Airline Safety Seat Back Instructions (“So what does this mean? No interracial dating?“) and other general silliness. Compounded by the fact that 2am instantly became 3am I passed on the 10 am sessions and opted for a […]

  • SXSW, Day One Saturday

    It’s my first SXSW and I’ve kept off the laptop so that I can devote as much attention as possible to what’s going on in the sessions, conversations, and parties in between. I have been taking notes and for the benefit of readers (and just in case I misplace my notebook) I’ll dump them here […]

  • Lumos Labs – brush away the cobwebs of your mind

    Lumos Labs is a new site which, through a series of simple online games, excercise your brain. The site’s games are “scientifically proven to improve your attention, memory and processing speed.” Like doing situps for your mind, the site sends you through a series of short games that are fun, engaging and beautifully designed. Scores […]

  • Leftover notes from Jimmy Wales talk

    Back in January I saw Jimmy Wales speak at a Social Media Club gathering in San Francisco. I scrawled down a few notes but never got around to transcribing them. Better late than never! Jimmy Wales’ Wikipedia principles 1. Assume good faith 2. Intentional vulnerability 3. Accountability rather than gatekeeping Q: Why don’t more people […]