Lumos Labs – brush away the cobwebs of your mind


Lumos Labs is a new site which, through a series of simple online games, excercise your brain. The site’s games are “scientifically proven to improve your attention, memory and processing speed.” Like doing situps for your mind, the site sends you through a series of short games that are fun, engaging and beautifully designed. Scores are tied to your account so you can push yourself to beat your high score or invite your friends to top you.

The screenshot above is from a game called Raindrops where you solve the problems in each bubble before the raindrop hits the lake. As you progress, the math gets harder and the raindrops become more frequent. The game ends when the lake fills up.

There are other games which require you to focus on pattern recognition, spacial memory, or attention and processing visual information. The approach here is similar to Brain Age (which runs on the Nintendo DS) but the appeal here is that all you need is an internet connection and a web browser with Flash to play.

A glance at the about us page shows there’s some serious science behind the fun and games and there are presentations that you can download to learn more.

And the best thing? Two of the founders are roommates of my sister! Way to go guys!

Lumos Labs is in beta and free of charge.






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  1. marc db levin Avatar

    cool company. I’ll check it out.

    BTW, I think “beta” is the new “black.” 😛

  2. Alvaro Avatar

    I met the founders a couple of weeks ago-very nice people

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