Month: April 2007

  • Online Advertising in an IP-Enabled World

    With word out about Yahoo’s acquisition of Right Media I want to publish a post that’s been sitting in my drafts folder for a good couple of weeks. Think about where online advertising is going and how the internet is expanding and what that means and why an open ad exchange makes the best sense […]

  • All Things Digital launches

    Walt Mossberg & Kara Swisher have joined up with my favorite headline writer, John Paczkowski from Good Morning Silicon Valley on a new site run by Dow Jones. All Things Digital is a place where Walt and Kara can stretch out a bit and write in a way that the column inches in The Wall […]

  • Hairball

    Some memes you just can’t seem to escape. They follow you around and track you down, mocking you from the corner of your desktop, infiltrating your search results and clogging up your feed reader. First Anil’s seminal post on Cat Grammar which popped up not only in my feedreader but then again on Techmeme and […]

  • What will Web 2.0 do for my neighbor Ron?

    One of the coolest things I brought back from the recent Web 2.0 Expo was this t-shirt that said “Web 2.0 is – – – ” with a big blank box for you to write in the definition of your choice. People at the show got into the spirit of the occasion and used Sharpies […]

  • Blades of Glory Japan Style – A Robot that Skates!

    Fresh out of the labs in Osaka, a robot that can skate! Check out the Akazawa Plen website gallery page for videos of Desktop Hobby Robot Plen on a skateboard as well. Bluetooth-enabled and on sale now for $2,400. Thanks to AI & Robotics blog for the pointer.

  • Wagner James Au on why old school marketing doesn’t work in Second Life

    James has been covering Second Life since the beginning. If you ever have a chance to have him walk you through the virtual world an point out its hot spots, do not pass it up. Today he writes in GigaOM about a recent research report which found a large majority of residents are disappointed with […]

  • BluBet, predictive markets for the rest of us

    One of the problems with predictive market sites is the complexity of the economic model makes it difficult for the casual participant to get involved. Because the underlying dynamics of the market or methods of measurement are hard to grok, the markets never really scale to a number that filters out noise effectively enough to […]

  • Zillow Heat Maps

    I was just checking out Zillow’s new redesign and noticed something I hadn’t seen before. The Zillow Heat Map layer shows you relative price per square foot over a region. Check the box in the upper-right of the map view and zoon out to city level to see it in action. Was that there before […]

  • Amazon Recommendations Gone Haywire?

    I love how Amazon remembers books that I’ve purchased from them a long time ago and offers up recommendations from time to time of other books that I might be interested in also reading. Usually they’re pretty relevant (except for when I purchased a large print book on Frank Sinatra’s life and then got on […]

  • knock off caps to be released by V-Tech

    It was only a matter of time. The latest internet sensation, has been picked up will become commercially available this Spring. Guangzhou-based electronics firm V-Tech picked up to the trend and is planning on making “Justin Caps” available for sale for $29.99.To keep costs down, the camera has been replaced with a high-resolution CCD […]