Amazon Recommendations Gone Haywire?


I love how Amazon remembers books that I’ve purchased from them a long time ago and offers up recommendations from time to time of other books that I might be interested in also reading. Usually they’re pretty relevant (except for when I purchased a large print book on Frank Sinatra’s life and then got on the “other seniors with bad vision also enjoyed this other book in large print on Las Vegas legends).

This recommendation I got today though has me scratching my head. Does anyone else have an idea between the famous author who documented a mission to Everest gone wrong would have to do with a handbook on cancer?






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  1. Sumit Chachra Avatar

    When I went there it offered me:

    Better Together
    Buy this book with Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer today!

    Am sure there is some correlation they’ve found with the author “Jon Krakauer”. Although I would guess that such popular books (1400 good reviews) would have stronger correlations and hence better recommendations.

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