Turning off Feedburner Link Splicer

Nothing worse than looking at the last five posts for your blog and seeing a bunch of Links for 2007-06-08 [del.icio.us] which is just a sorry excuse for saying that your blog still has a pulse. I’m working dammit – if I have something to share I’ll blog about it and, if you subscribe, than you’ll know. No more random links to clog up your feeder’s inbox.

From today I’m turning off the daily delicious links that have been carried in the feed of this blog using Feedburner’s Link Splicer. I’ll continue to gather links into my delicious feed so if you want to continue to get a daily dose of what I’m reading, feel free to subscribe to that linkroll’s RSS feed.

For those interested in a more nuanced highlight of my thoughtstream, I’ll take the best links of the week and roll them up into a Friday post on this blog.

Sound good?






2 responses to “Turning off Feedburner Link Splicer”

  1. Sumit Chachra Avatar

    Perfect. Now only if everyone would do the same 🙂

  2. Bhaanu Avatar

    I don’t know what this thing is. Saw it on my Feedburner account, thought to myself what in the name of google this thing is, and google led to me to your post. I still don’t know what it is, but important thing is that I’M WORKING TOO! I’m not turning it on now. Thanks.

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