Anybody want a Pownce invite?

I have some Pownce invites left over. If anybody wants them, drop me a comment. First come, first served.






16 responses to “Anybody want a Pownce invite?”

  1. ginevra Avatar

    I’ll take one – I keep forgetting to ask people!

  2. Sean Ness Avatar

    Please send one my way…slow to the game on this one!


  3. Yihong Ding Avatar

    Hey! I want to take one too. Thank you.

  4. Robi Avatar

    Think it’s worth checking out? I’ll check it out too, if you still have some left.

  5. Zachary Kent Avatar
    Zachary Kent

    If ya have one left….

  6. Ian Kennedy Avatar

    Here you go everyone, see you on Pownce. Still have three more left!

  7. Peter Cipollone Avatar

    Dude, if you still have some, may I have one?

  8. revmark Avatar

    If you have any. Please I’ll take one. Thanks, RevMark

  9. trow Avatar

    I would love one if you got one. Thanks.

  10. mike Avatar

    need invite

  11. Stan The Man Avatar
    Stan The Man

    If you send me an invite, I will send you half of my lottery winnings in appreciation. Not to worry, I’ve got a sure-fire number direct from my friend in the CIA, who finds out these things in advance. Trust me. This one is not like those previous ones that had that little software glitch, otherwise they would have been sure-fire winners all. This one is an honest-to-God sure-fire winner. At least I’m pretty sure it is. Pretty much.

  12. davvyk Avatar

    i needs me some invite

  13. Dannyk Avatar

    I would really love an invite! Please send me one if you have one!


  14. Ethan Avatar

    I would love one as well…if you still have one to spare.


  15. scraig Avatar

    I would love an invite… if you have any left


  16. scraig Avatar

    I would love an invite… if you have any left


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