Jafet = Speed

Tyler’s soccer team this past season had a secret weapon. Jafet Oidor is a striker on the team who, when he wanted to, could turn on the jets like no one I have ever seen. Here he is blowing past four defenders who get ambushed and then left in the proverbial dust as he moves on to score a goal. It was a joy to watch him play.

The season ended on a high note. The coaches did an amazing job and we feel really lucky that Tyler was on their team. He didn’t know anyone in the beginning but over the weeks the team came together so that by the season’s end they were really playing like a team. During the final tournament they were beating teams that they lost to earlier in the season and beat easily teams that had much better records then them. Going into the second day, the team was leading their flight and only needed to tie to advance to the semi-finals but, unfortunately they lost by one point.

Coach Mark & Jerry

Great season Alameda Rebellion and thank you Coach Mark & Jerry!

Moving Sale

The two year Finnish adventure is coming to a close so the wheels are in motion to pack up the Helsinki apartment and ship things back to California. Not everything though.

I put together a list of things to sell, mostly appliances, with several big ticket items such as a big screen TV and a drier and lots of ceiling lights. I need them through to the end of May but on around May 25th they will be available for pickup.

Click through to http://bit.ly/StuffForSale and let me know if anything interests you or if you have questions about anything by leaving a comment below.

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Social Media Isotope

I moved my blog from a dedicated host over to Laughing Squid’s cloud service (thanks Frank and Zahaib for your help!). Some hiccups with the images coming over on the wrong directory but some delicate SQL surgery fixed that. Think of this post as a sort of Social Media isotope to make sure that what gets posted here makes it out the other end in one piece and as intended.

Oh, the image? Just want to say the move to the cloud was easier than I thought. Hopefully this post proves that it resulted in a soft landing.


Miss Universe National Costumes

Miss Kazakhstan is always easy to find at a crowded party.

I had no idea that there was a National Costume portion of the Miss Universe pageant. I need to tune in next time. Excellent collection of snarky one-liners over at Tom & Lorenzo’s blog. Part One & Part Two.

Obvious in Hindsight

Today’s history lesson. Cracked.com helpfully points out that depictions of Vikings with huge horns on their helmets was entirely impractical, if not suicidal.

As for the Vikings, the one single thing we know them for–wearing huge horns on their helmets–isn’t true. They just wore regular helmets, not anything fancy. Here’s some advice: If you want a career in something that requires a lot of hand-to-hand combat, don’t wear anything that’s easy for people to grab onto. This is why when cops wear ties, they wear clip-ons. It’s also why you don’t want something on your hat that is essentially a giant set of handlebars.

Now you know. You can put those silly plastic hats away.


For those of you who read this blog through a reader, I took care of few things on the blog this weekend to clean things up a bit.

  1. My recommended software for the E71 has proven very popular but that is only one of the three phones that I use on a regular basis and there’s lots of good software to recommend for those too. On the top tab I have added two news ones, Software for your N97 and Software for your N900.
  2. I replaced the hosted lifestream from MyBlogLog with a self-hosted lifestream provided by the excellent WordPress plugin, WP Lifestream
  3. I added a SoundCloud dropbox widget to my sidebar. Feel free to use it to send me any tracks you want to share. I’m always looking for new music.
  4. I created a mobile template of my site for those coming to my site via a mobile phone. The template is easily created using the WordPress Mobile Pack which comes bundled with analytics for your mobile traffic from PercentMobile. You can see what their reports look like on percentmobile.com.
  5. I re-activated my Blogroll page. The more things change, the more they stay the same. I this day of metacuration, it’s useful to share your influences.

Navel Gazing, 2009

For giggles, let’s repeat what I did almost exactly a year ago and take a look back at my online activity from a year ago and make a snapshot for future reference.

top post of the yearIs this the new Obama phone? was the top post of the year, mostly because of traffic early in the year from StumbleUpon. Another top post was a write up I did on software I recommended for the Nokia e71. Seeing as I now also have an n95, n97 and n900 and plan on recommending software for those as well, it made sense to move into it’s own tab. Last year’s post about Barack Obama’s speechwriter still did well and was the 4th most popular post on the site.

biggest traffic day of the year – as in 2008, my traffic is normally around 100 visitors/day but in late-February you see a spike on the previously mentioned Obama-Phone post from StumbleUpon.

Google Analytics 2009

source of readers – Google organic search drove 58.06% of my traffic, up from 51.72% from last year. I’m embarrassed to say that “british slang insults” is the lead referral phrase for my site where I am #4 on Google’s search listing pointing to a silly little post from over four years ago. Interestingly enough, twitter.com sent more traffic my way than either Yahoo or any of the Microsoft search engines (Bing, MSN, or Live).

comment spam – I’m happy to say that comment spam is a non-issue for me. I suspect this is because I’ve switched over to hosted commenting provided  by the good folks over at Disqus.

browsers and OS – Firefox took the lead and now 45.29% of my readers are sporting the Firefox. IE has dropped to 35.34% and Chrome has climbed from 1% last year to 5% this year. Still over 76% of my readers are running Windows.

mobile OS – new category for this year, still very small percentage of users come via mobile but it’s worth tracking this as time goes on. iPhone is at 0.76%, symbian at 0.39%, iPod is at 0.18%, Android at 0.06% and Blackberry at 0.04%. I love that I got 6 visits from a Danger Hiptop!

rss subscriptions – I’m really not sure how relevant this is anymore. My numbers have been steady but I think many people are dropping their feed readers and letting their twitter and facebook friends recommend what to read.

FeedBurner 2009

twitter – I was at 1,142 last year and followed 343 back. This year I am at 1,516 and follow 390. I’m not sure if these numbers mean so much anymore with all the auto-following going on. My tweetstats info graphic looks like this:

Twitter Density 2009

friendfeed – 807 followed me last year, today it’s 1,301. Since they were purchased by facebook, I have to confess I don’t use this service anymore and wonder if it will still exist as a stand-alone service next year.

mybloglog – 1,148 people followed me last year, this year it’s 1,814. I fear this is another service that has an uncertain future in 2010. I’m working on a post to help people pull their data as a service.

top track of the year – According to my last.fm chart, David Bowie by Phish was my most popular track. My scrobbling activity has gone way down this past year because the firewall at work blocks the ability to scrobble.

top photo of the year – unchanged from last year, Yes you can is still the all time most interesting photo from my collection. I uploaded 2,058 photos to flickr in 2009, more than 750 than last year. The all time most popular photo is still Jaws (4,460 views) with a photo of a classic BMW motorcycle (4,014 views) that I took in Los Altos coming up fast at #2.

Flickr 2009

youtube – I don’t upload a lot of videos. The most popular video from last year was a crappy one I took of a Japanese flip phone when I visited Tokyo (2,414 views). The most popular video of all time is a short clip from a Harlem Globetrotters “game” (8,349 views).

del.icio.us – I have been using twitter to syndicate many links so my usage of this service has gone way down. My top tag of all time is still, yahoo, my previous employer.

google reader – my most read feeds are TechCrunch, Laughing Squid (which I read to keep up on the SF scene), and YLE (an English language news feed about Finland)

Google Reader 2009

dopplr -my raumzeitgeist shows quite a bit more travel than last year, especially with the weekly trips I have been making to Berlin in the last few months.

Raumzeitgeist 2009

Navel Gazing, 2008

This post is for my own notes – a bunch of stats about traffic on the blog and the social networks to serve as a reference point for next year.

top post of the yearBarack Obama’s Speechwriter is 26 consistently did well because of it’s high search results ranking. Coming up second was a short story about the origins of Led Zeppelin’s name thanks to a StumbleUpon link.

biggest traffic day of the year – I usually bump along at around 100 visitors/day but back in September a post on “information overload” got my first top-level link on Techmeme which sent me 4x my normal traffic.

Google Analytics 2008

source of readership – Google organic search sent 51.72% of my traffic with “barack obama speech writer” being the leading referral phrase where everwas.com ranks 4th. The top referring site was StumbleUpon with MyBlogLog a close second.

comment spam – i only have data back July but Akismet on WordPress has caught a ton of spam and basically removed it as an issue for me. A graph of what has been caught automatically is below – for some reason mid-November was a heavy time for me.

Akismet 2008

browsers – 43.99% of my readers were on IE while 43.31% were on Firefox. 1.25% were on Google Chrome.

rss subscriptions – subscribers to my feedburner feed have held steady around 500 readers for 2008.

FeedReader 2008

twitter – since I started tracking my follower count in June, I’ve added 357 followers and now sit at 1,142 . I follow 343 back. Graphic below from my TweetStats profile.

Tweet Density 2008

friendfeed – 807 folks follow me over on friendfeed.com, I think a lot of that has to do with my being featured on Alltop’s frienderati page. I follow 435 but have to admit, can’t really keep up with it all.

mybloglog – 1,148 people are following me on MyBlogLog. I follow 298. I am a member of 254 communities and 343 people are a member of everwas’ community page.

top track of the year – According to my last.fm chart, Tennessee Jed by the Grateful Dead was the most popular track which is easy to understand because I must have several versions of that song in my archive. Second place track, Boomerang by Sengalese rapper Daara J is more interesting, it was the default start track on my iPod for weeks.

top photo of the year – flickr added stats but they don’t let me filter by date. Yes you can is the all time most interesting photo from my collection and has been since I took the photo in 2005. I uploaded over 1,250 photos to flickr in 2008. The all time most popular photo is Jaws (3,256 views) which enjoys a healthy ranking in image search, as well another photo which ranks #2  for “pot lights”

Flickr 2008

del.icio.us – my top tag of all time is my employer up until October, yahoo I’ve used this tag 107 times. The others in descending order are, advertising (79), google (68), and socialnetworks (56).

google reader – my most read feeds are a search for Nokia, my current employer, TechCrunch, GigaOM, ReadWriteWeb, The Boy Genius Report, and Alamedans, an aggregated feed of blogs from where I live.

Google Reader 2008

dopplr -my raumzeitgeist for 2008 is below. No major travels save for a trip to Helsinki and then Tokyo in November. Also spent some time in Hawaii.

Raumzeitgeist 2008

Performing File System Surgery

Ugh. In the middle of moving files around on my home Windows PC the filesystem was corrupted and I lost access to my files. I knew the files were there but the the few configuration files that Windows XP needed to give me rights to my folder were kaput and because I was the administrator on this machine, it couldn’t even boot up.

I installed another copy of the core Windows files into a new directory (c:\windows2) so that I could at least boot up.

Access Denied when I tried to navigate to my Documents folder.

I found a helpful forum post on a site called Techspot and learned that this is what happens when you install another version of Windows on the same computer. The Administrator on the new version of Windows didn’t have rights to read the files written by the old Administrator.

Following instructions on the forum post, I then booted up off of that new install in “safe mode” and re-assigned the file permissions and am now copying over the files out of that old directory into a new disk.

Disaster averted! Without my old Outlook .pst file, I didn’t even have my Grandmother’s phone number! Yet another reason why I really should get this stuff uploaded to the cloud!

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