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  • Jafet = Speed

    Jafet = Speed

    Tyler’s soccer team this past season had a secret weapon. Jafet Oidor is a striker on the team who, when he wanted to, could turn on the jets like no one I have ever seen. Here he is blowing past four defenders who get ambushed and then left in the proverbial dust as he moves […]

  • Moving Sale

    The two year Finnish adventure is coming to a close so the wheels are in motion to pack up the Helsinki apartment and ship things back to California. Not everything though. I put together a list of things to sell, mostly appliances, with several big ticket items such as a big screen TV and a […]

  • Social Media Isotope

    I moved my blog from a dedicated host over to Laughing Squid’s cloud service (thanks Frank and Zahaib for your help!). Some hiccups with the images coming over on the wrong directory but some delicate SQL surgery fixed that. Think of this post as a sort of Social Media isotope to make sure that what […]

  • Miss Universe National Costumes

    I had no idea that there was a National Costume portion of the Miss Universe pageant. I need to tune in next time. Excellent collection of snarky one-liners over at Tom & Lorenzo’s blog. Part One & Part Two.

  • Obvious in Hindsight

    Today’s history lesson. Cracked.com helpfully points out that depictions of Vikings with huge horns on their helmets was entirely impractical, if not suicidal. As for the Vikings, the one single thing we know them for–wearing huge horns on their helmets–isn’t true. They just wore regular helmets, not anything fancy. Here’s some advice: If you want a career […]

  • Housekeeping

    For those of you who read this blog through a reader, I took care of few things on the blog this weekend to clean things up a bit. My recommended software for the E71 has proven very popular but that is only one of the three phones that I use on a regular basis and […]

  • Navel Gazing, 2009

    For giggles, let’s repeat what I did almost exactly a year ago and take a look back at my online activity from a year ago and make a snapshot for future reference. top post of the year – Is this the new Obama phone? was the top post of the year, mostly because of traffic […]

  • Navel Gazing, 2008

    This post is for my own notes – a bunch of stats about traffic on the blog and the social networks to serve as a reference point for next year. top post of the year – Barack Obama’s Speechwriter is 26 consistently did well because of it’s high search results ranking. Coming up second was […]

  • Hello 2009!

    Have a wonderful New Year’s and good luck for 2009!

  • Performing File System Surgery

    Ugh. In the middle of moving files around on my home Windows PC the filesystem was corrupted and I lost access to my files. I knew the files were there but the the few configuration files that Windows XP needed to give me rights to my folder were kaput and because I was the administrator […]