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Just Squeezing By


photo by SunnyDis

The buzz around the office this morning is the amazing entrance that the Queen Mary 2 made yesterday. It was a flickr moment as everyone with a digital camera flocked to the shore to document the event. Catch more amazing photos under the tag queenmary2.

News coverage with details of how the QM2 cleared the bridge with just, “27 feet to spare” at in USA Today.

Feeling Lonely?


I’ve been ambushed by Oddcast’s speaking avatars before. You know how it is, late at night, you’re browsing around the J. Crew website or something <click, click, clic. . .> and all of the sudden at top volume some chirpy, just-woke-up-and-am-here-to-greet-the-day voice comes blaring over your computer speakers, “Hi! How can I help you today!”

Working from home on today I was looking for a little idle conversation to fill the empty space. No worries, the folks at Oddcast are here to save the day. Great fun here typing in random phrases and having them spoken back to you in various accents. You get about twenty tries until they lock you out. Clear your cookies and you’re back in business.

My favorite? “Blistering blue barnacles and a thundering typhoon” in an Italian accent.

Feature request: thick Eastern European accents and a “sassy” mode checkbox.

Oddcast text-to-speech demo page.

Thank you Aunt Karen for the distraction!

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For the man who has everything – one huge swiss army knife


In celebration of their 100-year anniversary, Wenger, the makers of the original Swiss Army Knife, are putting out a special edition knife. It weighs almost three pounds and comes with 85 different instruments including the toothpick. Suggested retail is $1,200. Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife.


Tag, You’re It – 5 things you didn’t know about me

Dave McClure tapped me (and Steve Goldstein) in this season’s Blog Tag meme. The whole round started off with a post from Jeff Pulver who wanted to see if he could get everyone to reveal a little bit about themselves and bring some color to their online personalities. I’m game so I’ll oblige:

Five things you may not know about Ian Kennedy:

  1. I lived in Japan for 10 years (I am half-Japanese). In a classic case of poor timing, I showed up in Tokyo just as the Nikkei was crashing and then moved back to the US right before the .com bubble popped. I think I’ll stay put for awhile.
  2. While in Japan, one of my jobs was wiring up the Fixed Income trading floor for Lehman Brothers. It was during the late-night rollouts on the end of a T-1 to NYC that I discovered Usenet, Mosaic, and the rest was history.
  3. I love to snowboard and once spent 10 days carving turns up in Niseko, a resort in Hokkaido, where it snowed 1-2 feet of powder each night.
  4. I have over 1,000 hours of bootleg cassettes of the Grateful Dead in my garage. One of these days I’ll get around to digitizing them. A reeeeally loooong rainy day.
  5. I was captain of my Cross-Country running squad in high school. My wife’s cooking has slowed down my times considerably.

Ok, that’s me. I now it my turn to tag. Let’s see how long it takes for them to discover they’ve been tagged:

Susan Mernit

Dav Yaginuma

David Beach

Daniela Barbosa

Cody Simms

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I’ve seen better UI design


Toshiba is working on a new display technology that allows you to get a 360 degree view of what’s on your screen. The downside is you’ve got to strap on a 6 lbs. helmet that makes you look like a bobble-head Neil Armstrong. I think they should have kept this one under wraps before releasing press photos of their prototype. (link to Daily Mail story)

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Putting out fires with a 747 Supertanker


Flying down to Burbank this morning I could see the smoke from the massive forest fire that has been raging in the hills to the North of Los Angeles since Labor Day. I heard that they beat back the flames using a DC-10 reconfigured for firefighting and while looking for a photo of this jet, I found this video of a 747 in a flight test. Too bad it’s not approved for use.

Sony Mylo

Forgive the commercial break – Sony Mylo is pretty cool though – just testing video embedding on a post.

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Top 10 Presentations

I pretty much agree with all the presentations on this list except for the exclusion of zefrank’s performance at the TED conference in 2004.

Survey : Employer Trust & Hardware

Monica Whitty, a professor at Queen’s University in Belfast, is conducting research on the amount of control employees have over their work computers and if it varies by country. She’s trying to get 1,000 responses in time for a paper she wants to publish by the end of the year. It takes about 5 minutes, please fill out her online survey. Filling it out prompted me to start up a virus scan just for good measure.

The purpose of this study is to ascertain how individuals in different countries use their work computers and/or laptop computers. It also asks how they protect their work computers and/or laptops from security risks.

I’m looking for individuals 18 years or over and currently live and work (full time/part time or casually) in Australia, the Netherlands, Singapore, the UK, or USA, you are invited to fill out this survey. Only people who use a computer and/or laptop at work are invited to complete this survey (although you don’t need to use one regularly).

A summary of the results will be published from about November 2006 – December 2006 on my website.